Our Mission

By pursuing environmentally sound initiatives, NASA can reduce mission risk and continue achieving ever greater objectives for mankind. Initiatives such as waste diversion and the purchase of recycled-content, biobased content and other environmentally preferable products demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship. NASA’s Principal Center for Recycling and Sustainable Acquisition (RSA) was established in 1998 and provides technical resources and program support for NASA Headquarters Environmental Management Division.

Sustainable News

On a Changing Planet, NASA Goes Green

NASA is responsible for collecting much of the data that people use to explain humanity’s environmental impact on Earth, from documenting climate change and its impacts on ice, sea level and weather patterns, to monitoring the health of forests and the movement of freshwater. But NASA doesn’t just report the data. It also acts on it. NASA facilities across the United States are each working toward becoming more sustainable workplaces. Across 47 million square feet and 5,000 buildings, NASA works to fulfill its mission of revealing the unknown while lessening its demand on the planet’s resources. Find the complete story HERE.

Biobased Grease Performance

NASA participated in a biobased content grease product demonstration which facilitates awareness of sustainable alternative to petroleum-based greases for some Federal vehicles and equipment. The demonstration resulted in the assigning of National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for these sustainable products, thereby making them available for Federal procurement. USDA's BioPreferred Program has designated biobased multipurpose grease for Federal use, with a minimum 72% biobased content. For the complete story visit DENIX.


Biobased Artificial Turf Grass

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, FL has incorporated the use of biobased artificial indoor/outdoor turf grass with soy-backing into the launch viewing landscape. The grass is recyclable, made in America and when used to replace live grass it reduces landscaping maintenance and promotes water conservation. USDA's BioPreferred Program has designated biobased carpet for Federal use, with a minimum 7% biobased content.  More details are provided in the United Soybean Board article.     

NASA Logo on lawn.

Earth Events

  Earthday NASA Logo

Earth Day - April 22 Founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, the first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. The idea to focus on the environment was supported by 20 million Americans who took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment. This event was soon followed with the passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and other environmental laws. Earth Day has since grown to be the largest civic-focused day of action in the world with more than 1 billion people in 192 countries participating.


America Recycles Day - November 15 Earth Day Logo America Recycles Day was started in 1997 by the National Recycling Coalition and is declared each year, by Presidential Proclamation, encouraging Americans to commit to recycling. Since 2009, this day has been a program of Keep America Beautiful. There are thousands of events that are held across the United States to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and offering personal pledges that can be signed, committing to recycling and buying products made from recycled materials. Recycle, buy recycled goods and help teach others the benefits of recycling and continue to do so each day! 

NASA Principal Center for RSA Team

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