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  • Executive Order 13693 – "Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade"
    On March 19th, 2015, President Obama signed an Executive Order to set new goals for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of federal agencies and increase the share of electricity the Federal Government consumes from renewable sources. The EO also addresses the areas of climate change, water use, vehicle fleets, construction, diversion and acquisition.
    Section 16 of this EO revokes the following:
    • Executive Order 13423 of January 24, 2007;
    • Executive Order 13514 of October 5, 2009;
    • Presidential Memorandum of December 2, 2011 (Implementation of Energy Savings Projects and Performance-Based Contracting for Energy Savings);
    • Section 1 of Presidential Memorandum of February 21, 2012 (Driving Innovation and Creating Jobs in Rural America through Biobased and Sustainable Product Procurement); and
    • Presidential Memorandum of December 5, 2013 (Federal Leadership on Energy Management); and
    • Presidential Memorandum of May 24, 2011 (Federal Fleet Performance)
  • EO 13693 Implementing Instructions – The implementing instructions, dated 10 June, 2015, provides Federal Executive departments and agencies with clarifying instructions for implementing EO 13693.
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